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Higher-order logic programming in Prolog

It's not meant as an unclassified collection of links to other pages although I also include some interesting links here. This is a second edition of former Interactive Prolog Guide that brings new design and better organization of chapters. It is also more "interactive" as I include Test Zone where you can try and test your Prolog programs interactively within your Java-capable web browser. Finally, I expect to add some chapters on advanced topics you asked me for.

Probabilistic Logic Programming - Resources - SWI-Prolog

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Test Zone Do you want to test some Prolog programs immediately within your web browser? Then go directly to the Test Zone where a free prolog implementation in Java is available. Author's Home Page Do you want to know more about the author of this site?

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If the two are combined it has no choice but to generate and test over this infinite two-dimensional space. Using constraints therefore makes your program more declarative in that it frees you from some procedural aspects and limitations of Prolog. These are lower-level predicates that are mainly intended for library authors, not for typical Prolog programmers.

Did you know Search Documentation:. However, there are two key differences between constraints and plain Prolog predicates: Constraints can delay checks until their truth can be safely decided.

This feature can significantly increase the generality of your programs, and preserves their relational nature. Constraints can take into account everything you state about the entities you reason about, independent of the order in which you state it, both before and also during any search for concrete solutions.

Using available information to prune parts of the search space is called constraint propagation , and it is performed automatically by the available constraint solvers for their respective domains. This feature can significantly increase the performance of your programs.

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When working with constraints, keep in mind the following: As with plain Prolog,!