Impossible Individuality

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The reason for this conflicted state of being is quite simply because of the battle between the past-you and the present-you. Eventually, the present-you wins out, but how long it takes can depend upon whether you keep trying to hold on to the past-you from a place of fear, delusion, unconsciousness or just confusion. History is a proof of how a new era of relative betterment is always created based on the dissolution of an old era, however, during the transition between the old and the new there is a period of confusion, disorientation and uncertainty. The more aligned you are with your current individuality the easier it is for you to integrate the required changes in your life.

Of course, certain changes may not feel very convenient, they just feel inevitable and required from a place of wisdom. Spending time connecting with your inner space is what it takes get a sense of your current individuality, and to get a sense of any past momentum of, aspects of, individuality that you might be hanging onto, that no longer resonate with you.

You can do it as a practice of just sitting with yourself for 30 minutes each day, or just being aware of yourself whenever you have the free time to do so. The past-momentum can include past aspects of self-image, past conditioning, past accumulation of emotions, past memories, past personality patterns, child-identity identification with your childhood patterns which are no longer relevant to your current adulthood. Like everything in life, staying true to your individuality comes with its own flavor of light and dark, however, this attitude is most aligned with the reality of the dynamism of life and hence lends itself to least amount of psychological suffering.

An example of aligning with your current individuality may be in the realm of social interaction, where you may sense a desire to be more extroverted in your approach and the aspects of introversion no longer resonate with you. Or, it could be vice-versa, where you sense that you desire more space for yourself, where you desire some isolation, and no longer feel as motivated towards your extroverted pursuits. Another example may be a change in your preferences with respect to what you look for in a relationship, emotionally, mentally or sexually.

Fear is the most prominent emotion that comes up during such shifts, and lower the momentum of fear the easier it is to stay true to the shift without vacillating in instability. Growth and limitations go hand in hand, since growth is eternal, in life, limitation is also an eternal experience. So, even if you do get to a higher evolution you will still have something more to evolve towards, and hence you will feel some limitation at any point.

The fact is that the way you choose to experience your limitation makes a difference between whether it becomes a growth-factor for your soul or it becomes a factor of suffering.

Impossible Individuality

Something in you will balance out, and evolve, in this state of openness. Your current lifetime, your current body, and individuality that you experience through it, enables certain primary experiences — these experiences could be light-natured or dark-natured, from a relative stand-point, but they have their own value from the perspective of your individual soul-growth as well as from a collective perspective. And as time goes by you start to let go of them one by one, layer by layer as you say.

And the more you release the more you discover deeper layers of things you were holding on to that you were not even aware of. Until you reach a point where you become aware of the false personality old self in a deeper layer. Because you know deep down that this is where your real being resides. Thankfully i no longer dread the negative phases i as used to.

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I went back to read one of your old posts i think it was called Why Do We Fear The Mind , and i realized that the most painful part of the negative phases of releasing is that we are terrified of the negativity in the mind. Since i realized that, the negative phases feel a lot less uncomfortable. PS: Thanks for everything. When you have let go of your fears, you learn that the platform is not real — you can step off it and be ok.

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There is nowhere to fall, as falling was nothing but a fear to keep you on your platform. All of it is delusion created by our minds to keep us in line with ego fears. You seem to be near a breakthrough understanding. And there you have growth. Happiness lies in no longer reacting to the waves of negativity, even if they keep on for the rest of your days. One can also let go of hope that the waves of negativity will end. Then you step off your platform, come what may. As all the negative possibility was propped up by your fears, things may turn out better than expected.

Sen has written a few articles about the 4 phases, so do a search for those. At first, the releases would wipe me out for a few days. Other than the things necessary to survive. Looking back I could probably have been defined as a sex addict. Bedding women and garnering their attention completely consumed my life. I also was diagnosed with OCD and had a variety of anxiety issues. What is part of my old, anxiety-ridden self, and what are the normal machinations of a horny year old male?


Playing in the realm of simply being myself with women, and in other aspects of my life at work, etc. I feel like a toddler learning to swim in the deep end of the pool for the first time. Nick, good post! I applaud you for even attempting the phase of release and being only 23 this will and can only help you in all your future expreiences.

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I am not saying it is easy but i am allowing these things to reach my surface and understand them. Another good post, Sen. Suddenly all the drama I created by resisting limitations goes away. Such a seemingly small or subtle change turns out to be a big deal. I would like to get clarified about the whole question of ebbing away thoughts so as to be in a more still state but from such a void state then where do thoughts arises and even if it arises then how will it be trustworthy to react to it or should I ebb away the same? I have this thought that inner freedom is accumulated day by day by allowing, by being open.

Is this right? Because I realize that the grip of negativity of my mind is less and less powerful, eventhough the thoughts are still there. And sometimes whenever I am intensifying a thought, the more I think about it the more I feel there is nothing special in it.

Thanks Sen. What if one does not wish to become enlightened? The concepts of allowing and dis-identifying from the minds negativity is so important when it comes to healthy functioning. But is a person with faulty conditioning, deluded interpretations, and fear-based beliefs only chance at peace to become enlightened? This action might not be possible to undo.

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