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The central character was Claude Lantier, a brilliant artist doomed to failure.

Paul Cézanne Paintings, Bio, Ideas | TheArtStory

Zola sent a copy to Cezanne who recognised a number of parallels between himself and Claude. He was extremely upset, returned the book with a letter full of feeling, and severed all ties with Zola. His painting they found so disturbing Claude had somehow lost his foothold and, as far as his art was concerned, was slipping into madness, heroic madness Success came for Cezanne fairly late in life, starting with the solo exhibition of his works put on by Vollard in In all, Cezanne painted five versions of the Card Players.

They each depict local Provencal labourers intensely focussed on a game of cards, seemingly oblivious to everything around them. Two of the versions, probably those produced first, show three card players, with the remaining versions depicting only two.

1862 – 1872 : « Couillarde » period

The colour blue, a Cezanne favourite, features heavily. The works become increasingly minimalist, with structure given in the last in the series by the central table and wine bottle. The proportions of some of the figures seem distorted—check out the long arms and small heads of some of the participants in the two-player versions.

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Born in , Ambroise Vollard obtained a law degree in but wanted to be a picture dealer. He became a clerk for an art dealer and, in , established his own gallery on Rue Laffitte.

Impressionist years

The next year, he bought two Cezannes. In , the National Gallery in Berlin acquires a Cezanne. In Cezanne exhibits in Vienna, Paris and Berlin. Cezanne had painted bathers in his impressionist period and returned to this theme later in life.

By contrast with his earlier works, however, his later bathers are either all female or all male. In addition, the bathers of his later works are not differentiated: their faces are coarsely drawn and appear to be exactly the same. Cezanne was trying to capture the human form in nature with these works, often with some sort of geometrical structure.

Paul Cézanne

The most famous painting, the Large Bathers , has a triangular structure often used in Renaissance works to give a picture gravitas. Remarkably, especially given the seemingly broad brush strokes used, it took Cezanne seven years to complete the Large Bathers The other striking thing about the work is its huge size: cm by cms. Cezanne had to have a slit made in his studio wall to accommodate it! On 15 October , aged 67, Cezanne was caught in a thunderstorm while painting in a field.

He collapsed and was taken home by a passer-by. He contracted pneumonia, to which he succumbed on 22 October But he spent the intervening period getting out of bed to add finishing touches to the watercolour Still Life with Carafe, Bottle and Fruit. Biography of Paul Cezanne.

The ground is simply represented using two different ochres, evoking the red sandstone of the region. However, this tree is alive, with his energy, his aspirations, his deserved pride.

enter Appraised by the collector Vollard, the present work however remained in his collection all his life. At his death in , it went to his brother Lucien, who immediately got the works under his charge safely out of Paris. After the War, the present work was exhibited in at Ottawa in a major show entitled Paintings from the Vollard Collection.

Jan 19, 1839 - Oct 22, 1906

At his death in February , Lucien had designated Edouard Jonas as his sole heir. There and at the nearby town of Auvers he began seriously to learn the techniques and theories of Impressionism from Pissarro, who of his painter friends was the only one patient enough to teach him despite his difficult personality. The two artists painted together intermittently through , taking their canvases all over the countryside and painting out-of-doors, a technique that was still considered radical.

Although he used the techniques of these young artists, he did not share their concern with emphasizing the objective vision presented by the light emanating from an object; rather, his explorations emphasized the underlying structure of the objects he painted. Already he was composing with cubic masses and architectonic lines; his strokes, unlike those of the Impressionists, were not strewn with colour, but they complemented each other in a chromatic unity.

His most famous painting of this period, The House of the Suicide , illustrates these forces at work. He made sojourns to Estaque in , and in to Aix-en-Provence, where he had to endure the insults of his tyrannical father, whose financial help he needed to survive since his canvases were still not finding buyers. The single exception to this lack of patronage was the connoisseur Victor Chocquet, whose portrait he painted in Article Media.