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Stress is measured on a continuum and with increasing stress a person can feel overwhelmed, confused, anxious , sensitive, irritable, angry, indecisive and restless. Stress may also cause insomnia, high blood pressure, nausea, tension, stiff necks and back pain, as well as an array of other health problems such as increased risk of heart disease, digestive problems, and obesity. When people are exposed to prolonged periods of stress or pressure, physical and mental health can take a toll on our health. Chronic stress can play a role in the development of psychological disorders and depression.

Our psychologists treat people with mental illness and give you an opportunity to share your thoughts and why you think and feel. Please call us on 03 or book online. If you feel like you are need of immediate assistance, please dial for emergency services or call Lifeline on 13 11 Get help managing stress. Stress is highly treatable. Untangle stresses Provide clarity Reframe life events Alleviate distress Support more positive thinking. Inspire effective problem-solving Improve relationships Boost self-confidence Explore personal goals and life direction Find happiness.

All the information shared will not be shared with any other person. Counsellors follow all the professional guidelines that are required for counselling services and offer a non-judgmental listening ear.

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Moreover, the counsellor does not enforce their beliefs on the client, rather empowers the client to take their own decisions. Therefore, a candidate can be free of the fear of being judged and share confidential details about their personal lives. To get the best offers from business listed with Justdial, click on the Best Deals tab beside listings and fillup the requirements.

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Counselling for Stress Problems by Stephen Palmer

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What are the signs that one should avail of stress counselling services in Bangalore? However, a couple of signs that a person should approach a counsellor are as follows: Changes in Sleep Extreme changes in sleep that might involve sleeping too less or too much without any apparent reason might suggest that a person is depressed.

Mood Changes Rapid changes in mood that may result in a person withdrawing into a shell should contact a counsellor soon. Change in Routine A persons lack of interest and dropping out of activities that used to previously interest them or negative changes in performance at school or place of work which leads to falling grades, inability to achieve targets or lack of interest in performing routine tasks. A person might find it difficult to focus on a task until it is completed. Feeling Lost The feeling of not feeling in tune with ones surroundings and feeling disconnected from ones loved ones.

Illogical Thinking Illogical and imaginary thinking and inability to understand messages that are conveyed by people requires prompt medical attention.

What is stress counselling?

Loss Of Initiative A persons loss of initiative to participate in activities that used to interest them for no reason should see a counsellor. Also, resorting to unhealthy methods of coping with stress like: Excessive consumption of alcohol Smoking Drug use Counselling can help the patient find methods that can help in developing healthy methods of stress management. Whom can Stress counselling services benefit?

People Suffering From Illness People suffering from physical illnesses are highly prone to depression.

Life Events Going through distressing life changing events can prove to be a major source of distress. Marriage Counselling Marriage counselling can help people improve their communication techniques, how to deal with conflict and effective communication during conflicts to avoid the break down of the marriage.

Anger Management People have difficulty managing their negative emotions can visit a counsellor who can help in diagnosing the root cause of the problem and developing healthy stress management techniques to resolving issues. Families Stress counselling services can help families that are dealing with crisis or in case of events like death. The different steps followed by counsellors are as follows: The counsellor will try and understand the root cause of stress and the symptoms being faced by the client. Basic exercises such as breathing to help in reducing stress and controlling its symptoms.

How long do Stress counselling sessions last? Occasionally, these sessions are held online or over a phone call.

Stressed out? Life puts many demands on us - counselling can offer a way to better cope.

Counselling sessions last for approximately an hour every week. Will a person's problems be kept a secret? How much do Stress Counsellors Bangalore charge? Stress counsellors charge approximately Rs 1, per session. The prices are highly indicative and are subject to change. How can Justdial help in choosing the best Stress Counselling near you? Login for Seamless experience. Invalid Credentials. Send OTP. Didn't Receive the OTP?

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