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All cells in our body need sugar for energy, including cancer cells. But there is no evidence that restricting your sugar intake will stop a tumour growing. If in doubt about any diet or supplement, ask to see a dietitian at your hospital and talk it through. There are also organisations that give information and support. Gerson therapy is a disciplined type of therapy. It involves giving yourself coffee enemas. You also eat lots of raw fruit and vegetables and their juices. And you take supplements. People who promote this therapy claim that it cleanses your body.

Another claim is that it stimulates your metabolism.

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There is no scientific evidence that this is true. In fact, Gerson therapy can be harmful. It may not be the best diet for you to follow when are ill and already undernourished.

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A macrobiotic diet is made up of vegetarian foods. The main foods are cereals, cooked vegetables and whole grains.

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Although the foods involved are healthy, the diet can lead to poor nutrition. Unless well planned, you can get an imbalance of nutrients. A small study in Germany found that it might help to boost the immune system. This can help to control infections.

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More recent studies show the benefit of enzyme therapy, including bromelain. It can help to control symptoms of cancer and its treatment.

The studies were in breast and bowel cancer patients. Those taking enzymes had less sickness, loss of appetite, bowel problems and tiredness. The other group of people in the study had standard treatment.

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Further research may show whether bromelain can play a role in treating cancer. It might improve survival as well as help to control symptoms. Essiac is a herbal remedy believed to originate from the Ojibwa, a native Canadian tribe. It is made of 4 herbs that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada. A Canadian nurse called Renee Caisse publicised it first.

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She named the remedy after herself. Essiac is her surname spelt backwards. A commercial company now owns it. Essiac is the registered trademark of Essiac Products Inc.

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Essiac is a mixture of roots, bark and leaves. It also includes burdock, sheep's sorrel and slippery elm. You boil the mixture and drink the brown liquid that forms. It claims to be a miracle cure for cancer. There is no evidence that it cures cancer or helps to control symptoms. It is found in apricot pips and bitter almonds. Janelle was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. And under the supervision of her doctors, she used the Breakthrough system and was able to achieve complete remission in one year. Since then she has become an invaluable member to our team and working together Matt and Janelle bring their expertise to every client.

The Breakthrough Cancer Coaching System is the most comprehensive cancer healing program available.

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It was created from breakthrough science and first-hand experience in professional one on one coaching. Our live workshops are designed to take families from anxious and uncertain to hopeful and confident. We focus on a plan to total healing and the steps it takes to get there. Click on the button to find out about our next live event. Terms and conditions.

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Breakthrough Cancer Coaching will not be held accountable for the use or misuse of the information contained on this site. We are not doctors or nutritionists and do not claim to be such. Nothing on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. We shall not be held liable for the decisions made by readers of this site. The links to other internet sites are for your information only and are not intended to be an endorsement of other sites. What We Do We use experienced coaching and breakthrough health science to help our clients support the total healing of their bodies from cancer.

How We Do It. Free Master Class Training Ready to take back your power and start healing from cancer? Click here to learn more. Why this Works Our approach to healing cancer was created from our personal journeys. Learn More.