Chronic Fatigue: An Ethnography: Exploring the Social Philosophy of Disease and Healing

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In defiance of her illness, she took every opportunity to support and reach out to others. Becky was born in NJ and moved to North Carolina following her high school graduation. She graduated Wake Technical Community College a year before. She enjoyed learning and spending time with her family and friends. Becky was predeceased by her father, Peter, and is survived by her mother, Carol, a sister, Rachel, and a brother, Peter. Jennifer Chittick , 31, died in May of At just 21, she fell ill but doctor after doctor dismissed her complaints as merely being mental even though she was reduced to her retired parents having to take care of her.

She lived in Glasgow, England and landed her first teaching job soon after graduating. After a neurologist finally correctly diagnosed her, she still received both CBT and GET that worsened her condition until she died. Carol was born in Illinois but became a Canadian citizen in A gifted potter, gardener, and author, one can read of her suffering in Between Gardens, published in by Polestar Book Publishers of Canada.

Roger Marcel Cicero Ciceu , 45, died on March 24 th , He was one of Germany's best-known jazz performers. When just a teenager, Cicero appeared on television with his father's group as well as with a youth jazz orchestra. He studied jazz at the Amsterdam Academy of Arts and quickly became a famous performer who was featured in films as well as putting out albums.

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He left behind a 7 year-old son, Louis, along with thousands of fans that did not expect his untimely death. Kathie Claar , 52 year-old female: Died August 24 th Cause of death: self-induced drug overdose. Bess Clark , died in after a long struggle with cancer. A support group leader and a warm and compassionate person, Bess taught her group how to have fun while barely functioning. Source: Dolores Hudson.

His mother predeceased him. He left his father and seven siblings along with nieces and nephews. Souce, The New Zealand Herald. Alternative practitioners blamed traditional medicine for her liver failure and traditional practitioners blamed alternative.

Ruth, herself, was too sick to care. Nothing helped her pain, stomach and intestinal problems. Ruth was often unable to eat. Ruth leaves her husband and other family members. Theodore Cocaine , Died December Cause of death: massive coronary. Carol Sue Coffee , died August 7 th in a hospital at the age of 57 "fighting bravely to the very end.

She tried everything possible to "heal" from her lengthy disease, and she appreciated each day.

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She is survived by her husband, Jim, of Jenison, Michigan and many relatives and friends. Source: Support group leader and friend. Sophie Coldwell , 17, died of leukemia less than two weeks after doctors at a walk-in clinic in England sent her home saying she was just tired and had tonsillitis and gingivitis.

Her parents, Andy and Sherry, called an ambulance but Sophie lost consciousness and died on March 17, , after arriving at the Solihull Hospital. He knew that his lymphoma was from his long and debilitating disease. Ken had done strenuous work in the past until he found even trivial things took too much effort. He no longer could even socialize and found his dog seemed to be the only living thing he could care for although he kept in touch with many by phone displaying a quick wit along with strong advocacy.

Ken lived and died in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and his wise words and honesty are missed by many. Source: telephone friend. Oliver Christopher Coles , 30, died 13 th March He was a successful engineering consultant until illness brought him home to be cared for by his family, where he was diagnosed with ME. He was determined to find help for this illness and was proactive in supporting others in his online blog.

He fought the good life until the burden of pain became too much for him to bear and he took his own life. Emily Rose Collingridge , died just weeks before her 31st birthday on March 18, , from heart complications. A senstive and shy child in the UK, her class contracted mumps when she was six.

As the others returned to playground vigor, she endured multiple symptoms that were bewildering. She would often collapse at school and be bullied and, after she was wheelchair bound by age 14, finally got a diagnosis of M. She became active in a charity for children with M. By age 21, she volunteered for another charity although she was, by then, bedbound. Getting so much more severe, she was hospitalized several times and needed constant care. By her mid-twenties, she had unexpected improvements.

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She was able to tolerate some light and could take a few steps with a walker. Her slight improvement was short-lived as she had to be tube-fed and could nothing on her own. In , she was featured in the book, Lost Voices and featured on the website of Stonebird. She leaves her parents and many from the severe ME community who appreciated her courage.

Source: Matthew J.

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Smith, Stonebird. Raymond F. Ray was recognized as a patient who began an online announcement project, Co-Cure, that welcomed both scientific and political advocacy where patients and researchers were kept informed for decades until he was no longer able to continue. He was hospitalized in late for bronchitis but only got worse until he was put into the hospice section of the hospital where he died. Ray left his wife, Bernice Melsky, their daughter, Carrie, a brother and two sisters and many other family members along with countless patients who benefited from his work.

Diane M. Comeau , 49, died in mid-August of She had just turned 49 in May. Diane was in ICU for 10 days with an abscess in her groin and her body became sepsis. Tests and scans showed nothing.

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She was a Captain in the Civil Air Patrol where she was valued for her dedication. A memorial service in Arizona honored her with a fly-by. A close friend remarked that she never let her pain hold her back. Her mother, Barbara Murray, also suffers from this disease. Dawn E. She died in December of at age 50 by her own hand. Dawn, who lived in California, took computer programming in college and worked in the insurance industry until her illness prevented her from continuing. Even while sick, she had ideas that she persued. Dawn was warm and intelligent.

She was determined to get better so she tried supplements and many other ways to try to improve her health. Before her death, she had been on the Marshall Protocol hoping, once again, for some improvement. Dawn left friends along with a brother and sister who feel a void in their lives without her. Source: Todd Cook.

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Greg leaves a daughter and many members of his support group in California who miss him. He was on an experimental trial of Ampligen but found it was not a help and had adverse effects. Cynthia Coultier , Female, age unknown. Tested highly positive to Chlamydia pneumonia but her physician refused suggested treatment for this. Left two sons and grandchildren. Although Cynthia had owned her own business, she was not eligible for any disability.