A Womans Guide to College: Navitating the Terrain to a Better Life

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Broken Ground

The path, these past 2 years, to this powerful place has not been an easy one and became partially dark at one point. Adventure and nature, the ocean in particular, are her power and healing sources. Listen carefully as she describes the empowering, stoke filled, challenging, spiritual and most recent circumnavigation expedition around Catalina Island.

She and her 2 girl power friends successfully paddled 54 miles in 3 days around the perimeter of Catalina. This story to me was so strong and profound, that when I listened back to it, I was moved to tears! I did not edit anything out because I thought ALL the words and feelings were pertinent. The parallels to navigating through life and use of coping tools and selfcare were the same but flipped into something positive and exciting.

Listen carefully or re-listen over again! The innate importance of telling this story first was such a great demonstration of natural selfcare that I could even feel it at a visceral level. They see, frankly, the cad or the criminal that gets caught at something.

Learning to Lead with Ron Williams

The average work week for a member of the House is 70 hours a week. Now, I'm talking about their work ethic, not their work product.

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I know that their work product is not really well respected, but they're dedicated people. And that's one of the things that we get to see at the Congressional Management Foundation are these wonderful public servants who really do want to make a difference for their constituents. Francesca Paris produced and edited this interview for broadcast. Skip to main content. Close close Donate. Listen Live: All Things Considered.

Close Close. All Things Considered Value this story? Support the news. The school is haunted. Told from the dual perspectives of Mavi and Angel, one of the "Others" who lives in the house, The Tenth Girl is a novel that will constantly keep you guessing until the very end. The Future of Another Timeline. It's a debut from Faring, who drew on her own Argentine heritage and her family history in the country when writing the story, and I am eager to see what else this author comes up with.

At pages, this is a long one, and a narrative that sometimes prioritizes prose over plot, which could be frustrating for some readers, but the descriptions of this haunted house were luscious enough to keep me interested throughout. I love that. So that was always sort of simmering in my brain and my imagination for years. The plot rarely goes where you expect, but not in a gimmicky way.


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Even when the action is bombastic, the prose feels quiet, powerful, and mysterious. Kingfisher—real name Ursula Vernon—has written cute books for children and even won a Hugo Award for her graphic novel Diggers. Because she writes such a variety of fiction for vastly different audiences, it became all too necessary for the author to wield the pen name T.

Kingfisher when she delved into more mature works for older readers. In The Twisted Ones , Kingfisher teases the kind of Southern-based horror that threatens to drag you down with it. The Twisted Ones holds the kind of intrigue and folksy-dread that promises to enrapture the reader. Mary Shelley first dreamed up Frankenstein on an especially dreary middle-of-the-night in June , during the Year Without a Summer thanks to oppressive levels of volcanic ash in the atmosphere following an eruption.

To wit: despite it technically being summer when she, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and other vacationing houseguests stayed inside during their Lake Geneva trip, the vibe was eerie enough that it made perfect sense to compete for who could tell the spookiest story.

Which is why Frankenstein will always feel like an autumnal tale. Her first adult offering was also her first work to really catch my eye. So why is this a good book for this fall? This seems to land on the darker side of dark fantasy: Alex survived an attempted, unsolved homicide before the investigation of the occult even starts. Readers looking for fantastical horror around Halloween may very well find it here.

See a Problem?

A content note: the author has stated that this book may be difficult for some people, and readers disinclined to encounter sexual trauma in their fiction may want to avoid it. I said this at Bookcon, but I'm going to say this here too: I take care with the way I write trauma and I am not interested in misery tourism. Alex's experiences in Ninth House draw directly from my own and this book was in many ways a work of catharsis. Lovecraft my appetite for that quiet, brooding horror has only been stoked. When I stumbled upon this soon-to-be-published piece, I figured I hit jackpot.

Originally released as a Wattpad serial, the novel hits shelves October 29,

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